Marathon Relay

Sunday 16 September 2018

Start at 9:30 a.m
The Colmar Marathon "relay" team allows you to share your challenge with 3 fellow runners.
Each team-mate runs around 10km and passes the relay. The last km runs together to cross the finish line.

The route is the same as the standard marathon: the 42,195 km race will be 8-shaped (or pretzel- shaped, for the most imaginative!) : departing from Colmar city centre, the runners will head south towards Wettolsheim and Eguisheim (rated France's favorite village in 2013); and will then come back to Colmar for the north loop on the wine road - Wintzenheim, Ingersheim, Katzenthal, Ammerschwihr, Kientzheim and Sigolsheim- before a finish in Colmar historical centre.

Departure Shuttle from Colmar Prefecture in Eguisheim Post at 8:45 am
Return Shuttle from Eguisheim Post to Colmar Prefecture at 10:30 am and 11:15 am

Departure Shuttle from Colmar Prefecture in Sigolsheim at 10:00 am
Return Shuttle from Sigolsheim to Colmar Manufacture at 11:30 am / 12:00 pm / 12:15 pm / 12:30 pm / 12:45 pm / 1:15 pm / 1:45 pm / 2:15 pm.

The time requirement is 6h for the marathon and 2h30 for the half-marathon. Timing will be controlled via electronic chips.

Athletes having a FFA- , FF Tri-, FSCF-, FSGT-, UFOLEP Athlétisme- sports license, but also runners without sports license, can participate to the race.

Each participant must present a valid medical certificate, issued less than 1 year prior to the race date, stipulating "the absence of contraindications for running or participation in running competition".
Download your medical certificate here

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